Mitsui High-tec

About Mitsui High-Tec

Mitsui High-tec, Inc. (formerly Mitsui Mfg.), is the world's foremost supplier of leadframes for integrated circuits. We also make and sell dies unrivaled anywhere for durability and precision. We have put the same expertise to work in a successful lineup of machine tools.

Today, more than 50 years after starting operations as a tiny die-making shop with only two employees, Mitsui High-tec boasts annual sales in excess of $350 million US. Since July 1991 our stock has been listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We count manufacturers in more than 30 countries among our customers, serving them through an international network of manufacturing and marketing bases.

This impressive growth has arisen from the strength of one innovative advance after another, always in advance of a rising demand. We have improved on the work of others and achieved revolutionary technological advances on our own. In every way, we have continually managed to provide customers with products offering better performance at lower cost. This also reflects our dedication to the "umbrella theory," which systematically demonstrates that lower prices will deepen and broaden demand.

Yoshiaki Mitsui
Founded in 1957

The Mitsui High-Tec Approach

At Mitsui High-tec, we reject easy, cost-based rationalizations for price increases. And we do not condone dumping tactics for building or clinging onto market share. Neither approach is in the long-term interests of any company or its customers.

The only sure formula for corporate vitality is to furnish customers with the quantity and quality of goods they require, when they need them, and at prices they can afford. This simple formula is anything but easy to implement, demanding strong, yet flexible, management and a genuine commitment to technological innovation.

We believe that our 50 years of phenomenal growth evidence the validity of our premise. Putting sound principles into practice has enabled us to increase sales volume dramatically, and we fully intend to sustain similar progress in the years ahead.

Mitsui High-Tec Engineering

Technological refinements and innovations have earned business for Mitsui High-tec by minimizing product prices while maximizing quality and performance. Sophisticated engineering, however, is no longer enough in today's economic environment to ensure the kind of spectacular growth our company has enjoyed to date. We will step up and broaden our programs to sustain our steady expansion as a truly international corporation.

Work in this direction is already paying off in more effective management. A new generation of managers is learning to run an increasingly comprehensive, technology-intensive company. The office automation equipment we are installing throughout our organization makes us more efficient, as does the computerization of design and manufacture, where our computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) systems enhance the quality of work and expedite operations dramatically.

We also share our expertise with customers through services conveniently offered by our international network. For instance, our ongoing research and development extends to materials technology and machining techniques, and we often make helpful recommendations in this regard.

Manufacturing Highlights
We have built our market share by continually upgrading our production facilities to minimize costs and maximize quality.

Machines, including automated machines we developed for use in production lines, do 95 percent of manufacturing work at Mitsui High-tec.

Computer-aided design and manufacturing not only speed up production but also help us match products perfectly to the individual requirements of customers. This is a critical advantage in consideration of the growing diversity of tooling needs.

Tungsten Carbide Dies
Mitsui High-tec precision dies minify costs in stamping, and our new dies maximize versatility via interchangeability for flexible manufacturing systems. The broad implications of our superiority in die manufacturing are clear when one considers the central role of stamping in sectors ranging from the automobile industry, where more than half the parts that go into a car are stamped, to electronics, where leadframes stand as the epitome of stamping precision.

Ultrahigh-speed Stamping
Quality, performance, durability, and price are what draw customers to Mitsui High-tec stampings, but our ultrahigh-speed stamping machinery is what helps us meet demand for these products. Stamping at 1,000 strokes a minute, in two and four rows, also contributes to lower costs.

Mitsui High Tec Company Profile

Date of Incorporation: April 1957

Capital: 16,403,880,000 yen (January-2008)

Business Type: Manufacture and sales of IC leadframe, Motor Core, IC assembly, precision tooling and machine tools.

Main Products: Precision toolings, IC Assembly, IC-leadframe, Motor Core, Stamping of various products, Precision Surface Grinder, Precision Straightener


  • Headquarters - Kitakyushu, Japan
  • Domestic Plants - 3plants in Kitakyushu, 2 plants in Nogata,
  • Kumamoto Plant
  • Domestic Branch - Tokyo
  • Domestic Sales Offices - Osaka, Nagoya, Tohoku, Toyota
  • Overseas Branch - San Jose
  • Overseas Offices - Beijing, Milano, Stuttgart, Casablanca, Hsinchu
  • Directors:

    President & COO - Takanori Sakaue

    Senior Executive Vice President - Yasunari Mitsui

    Executive Managing Directors - Yoshio Maruoka, Yoshikazu Ishida, Takeshi Itoh

    Directors - Keiichi Tsujimoto, Yutaka Suzuki

    Standing Statutory Auditors - Akihiko Yokoyama, Hisashi Takaki, Makoto Kondo, Yoshiki Suzuki